How can I help out as an adult with WYS on Show ?

The adult role in the show is one of support – everything we do is aimed at making sure that the young people on stage get the best possible experience from auditions, rehearsals and the show itself.  There are many ways in which adults can get involved:

Area of work
Production roles Production coordinators Costume production Props production
Band musician
Technical roles Sound and lighting technicians Set building and painting Special effects
Business support roles Publicity and sales Graphic design Front of house
Cast Welfare Roles Cast refreshments First aid Rehearsal support

Recruitment is done through this page, please use the form below. A member of the executive will then contact you to discuss your involvement.   Some roles are long term commitments, lasting from show inception to final performance whilst others are focused around the performance itself.  

Insurance procedures at the theatre dictate that the show stage crew have to be over 18 years of age.  Network members are welcome to apply to be part of the show build team which becomes the stage crew for the actual show.

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