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Welcome to WYSGlobal West Yorkshire Scouts International Scout Active Support Unit.

On this page you’ll find all the latest information on the international trips run by West Yorkshire Scouts in addition to help and support for running your own international trip within your Group or District.

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There are many different opportunities within Scouting to take part in many different international activities. Why not check out Programmes Online or some of the other resources on the new 6-25 page. You can also get lots of help and advice on the national pages. You can also download international opportunities with lots of ideas.

Canada 2021

West Yorkshire Scouts are undertaking a ski and winter adventure expedition to Canada at Easter 2021. Young people and adult volunteers from across the County will come together to form a contingent for this project.


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World Scout Jamboree 2019

Follow the two Units travelling to America in 2019 for the 24th World Scout Jamboree.

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UK Contingent Site

Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) and Jamboree on the Air (JOTA)

JotaThe Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) is a virtual global camp. It is held every year in the third full weekend of October together with JOTI.  Scouts meet on the “air” with the help of radio amateurs. The first JOTA was held in 1957 and has been a big success ever since. The last years the availability and possiblities of internet make JOTI more suitable for the core objective of the event: let scouts meet and do things together. Amateur radio remains a very fascinating hobby, which will arouse interest of many scouts. Because of the need of specialized knowledge and equipment the JOTA can only be organized with the help of radio amateurs. Your National JOTA Coordinator will be able to tell you how to find a radio amateur.

Find out more information on the national pages.

Are you planning to a Scouting Visit Abroad  ?

If you are planning a Visit Abroad yourselves there have been some recent changes. There is a new 2-part process to ensure that each trip receives as much help & support they need in order to run their adventure! One of the big changes is now that any member of the Scout Association who undertakes a trip abroad must complete the new process. Even if it is just one adult.

Visit Scout Globe Trekker for ideas.

What is the process ?

1Download the Visits Abroad pack from Here
2At the very start of your planning complete Part A of the Visit Abroad form and sent it to your relevant Commissioner (DC/CC). This will allow them to identify training/support needs and also grant outline approval to continue
3Your relevant commissioner will then notify you and the ACCI of their approval to continue planning or their reasons for rejection
4Plan your trip using guidance from the Visits Abroad Pack & the International Pages online
5Make sure you have appropriate Nights Away permits in place along with relevant Activity Permits
6During your planning please ensure you share the following with the ACCI Itinerary, Programme, Insurance Policy, Risk Assessments, Critical Accident Plan, Participant List
7Plan your InTouch process and make sure you appoint an Emergency Home Contact
8Update Parts A and B of the Visits Abroad form finalise any of the above documents and submit to your ACCI who will then recommend approval from your relevant commissioner
9Once approved by your relevant commissioner you ACCI will submit your Visits Abroad Form to HQ 6 weeks before departure
10Enjoy your trip
11On your return dont forget to share your experiences with other sections groups & Commissioner

Further information on all of the above process can be found at the dedicated national pages.

Who can help me locally?

For local information please contact the Assistant County Commissioner International.

Do you have any notices or news items ? If so please send them in using the feedback form

  • World Scout Moot 2017 Thursday April 14th, 2016

    The 15th World Scout Moot will be in Iceland from 25 July – 2 August 2017. The Moot will bring together up to 5000 young adults between the ages of ...

  • Project Nepal Friday January 15th, 2016 Project Nepal

    Project Nepal 4 will see adults involved in Scouting travel to Nepal for 3 weeks in October/November 2016. We will to work alongside the local community to complete a building ...

  • Project Nepal Sunday October 18th, 2015 Project Nepal

    Project Nepal 4 will see adults involved in Scouting travel to Nepal for 3 weeks in October/November 2016. We will to work alongside the local community in a village devastated ...

Across the United Kingdom International Jamborees take place and are an excellent opportunity to go to an international event, whilst remaining in the UK. You can also find out more at the national pages.

EventDatesLocation Find Out More
Walesby World Experience 201828th July – 4th August 2018Walesby Forest, OllertonFind Out More
Jurassic International Jamboree11th – 18th August 2018DorsetFind Out More
Charnwood 201927th July 2019 – 3rd August 2019LeicestershireFind Out More
CAMJam 201927th July – 3rd August 2019Huntington Racecourse, CambridgeshireFind Out More
Brumjam 2020 1st – 8th August 2020Blackwell Court Find Out More
Wings 202025th July – 1st August 2020Windsor Great Park, WindsorFind Out More
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