Executive and Other Committees

This page is dedicated to providing support for anyone working in, or anyone interested in the work of the Committees.  The work that Committees is often behind the scenes, but essential to the smooth running of our groups, districts and county.

Should you need support or information about their work you may find the resources on the national members area from The Scout Association useful. Alternatively you can contact the the County Chair using the form below.

Who are the County Officers ?

Linda MalloyCounty ChairExecutive
Sue HealdCounty SecretaryExecutive
John GreenwoodCounty TreasurerExecutive
Howard FishwickChairman and SecretaryAppointments Commitee
Mike TerryChairmanRisk Comittee
John ReynoldsChairmanFinance Comittee
Sue HealdSecretaryFinance Comittee
Peter HaighChairmanGreen Withens Comittee
Margaret DanielsonSecretaryGreen Withens Comittee

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