Training Advisors

The Training Advisor is the key player in the Adult Training Scheme.

What is a Training Advisor?

The role of the Training Advisor is an appointment made by the Local Training Manager in consultation with the relevant District Commissioner.

Training Advisors are expected to support between one and four people at a time, and the time required will average one or two evenings a month.

What makes a good Training Advisor?

An effective Training Advisor is a good listener who is both encouraging and supportive. They should be someone who is organised enough to help prepare a Personal Learning Plan and support individuals as they progress through their training. They also need to be someone with the integrity to uphold the validation requirements. They need to be able to give honest and constructive feedback when an adult either has or has not achieved those requirements. Finally they need to be someone who is reliable and returns calls and emails.

If you would like to offer your services as a Training Advisor, please contact your Local Training Manager, or send us a message below.

Help and Support

Don’t worry, you are never alone as a Training Advisor, support is always on hand. You will be a part of your District’s team of Training Advisors managed by the Local Training Manager, who will hold regular team meetings where you will share good practice, seek help and advice.

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