County Stores

County equipment is now available for loan from the County Stores. The stores are based in the Jubilee Centre at Bradley Woods and are open every Thursday from 7.00 to 9.00pm and at other times by arrangement.

How to reserve Equipment

To make a provisional booking contact Julie Earnshaw by,filling in the form below or by telephone. You will then be contacted to confirm your booking.

When requesting equipment please allow a minimum of seven days notice its staffed by volunteers.

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Conditions of Loan

  1. All equipment must be returned in a good condition – please report any loss and/or damage on returning equipment
  2. Equipment loan is free but requires a £20 deposit to cover any loss or damage. This can be in the form of cash or a cheque made payable to WYCSC
  3. If you are unable to return the equipment on the date or time agreed please let us know as soon as possible
  4. Any safety equipment hired must be checked before use by an appropriate person
  5. No equipment can be loaned to any other group without permission
  6. Equipment is for Scout use only unless prior approval is given
  7. Equipment can be reserved up to 1 year before the date it is required

What’s available for Loan ?

Programme Equipment

Ref Items Quantity Information
P1 Croquet Set 1 Adult sized
P2 Boomwackers Assorted
P3 Disney Videos Assorted
P4 Inflatables Assorted including Giant Globe Palm Trees and Guitars
P5 Wooden Puzzules Assorted large
P6 Pioneering Charts Assorted
P7 Ball Pool Balls 100
P8 Boules 2 Sets
P9 Croquet Set 5 Child sized
P10 Golf Set 5 Child sized
P11 Circus Skills Box 1 4 Clubs 4 Devil sticks 5 Diablo & sticks 21 Juggling balls 6 Plates & wands 9 P12 Rings 14 Scarves 9 Instruction sheets
P13 Cricket Set 1
P14 Goals 2 Sets (Freestanding)
P15 Frisbees 10
P16 Chess Set 1 Giant
P17 Draughts Set 1 Giant
P18 Snakes and Ladders 1 Giant
P19 Go Karts 2 Beaver and Cub use only
P20 Gym Balls 30
P21 Hoola Hoops 18
P22 Indoor Games Box 1 1 Badminton net 4 Badminton racquets 2 Shuttlecocks 16 Bean bags  – 4 of 4 colours 1 Dartboard 3 Darts 1 Indoor hoopla game 16 Medium plastic balls – 4 of 4 colours 24 Pieces of plastic fruit – 4 each of 6 fruits 2 Plastic skittle balls 8 Plastic skittles 1 Soft rounders bat 1 Soft rugby ball 2 Sponge footballs 4 Table tennis balls 8 Table tennis bats 2 Table tennis nets 1 Unihoc puc 12 Unihoc sticks
P23 Football and Pump 1 Inflatable (Approx 2m diameter)
P24 Knotting Box 1 40 knotting ropes Beginners Guide to Knots books charts
P25 Duplo 40 Large boxes of assorted items
P26 Duplo 36 Bases
P27 Map and Compass Box 1 1:50 000 sheet maps & laminated map extracts 12 compasses Parts of a compass diagram Plastic training compass Distance measuring pen Hiking for Beginners & Learnabout Maps books 4 different Map Symbols Games 4 Figure Grid References Game Map Jigsaw
P28 Microscooters 8
P29 Outdoor Games Box 1 1 Croquet set 6 Frisbee 1 Pump & ball attachment 2 Rounders bats 1 Rugby ball 3 Sticky catch balls 6 Sticky catch pads 2 Tennis balls 1 Volleyball 1 Volleyball net
P30 Pirate Tents 2 For use with ball pool balls (suitable for Beavers/Cubs)
P31 Tennis Bats 18 Plastic
P32 Plastic Tunnels 3 Beaver and Cubs only
P33 Play Parachutes 8
P34 Scamble Nets 2 Each 1-6m x 1.6m with 23cm mesh
P35 Skis 6 Each with 3 footholds
P36 Space Hoppers 4 Small (Beaver Scout size)
P37 Cycle Trainer Stands 2 Stationary
P38 Ten Pin Bowling Set 1 With bowling Ball


Ref Items Quantity Information
H1 Perspex Discs Assorted 15cm diameter clear & opaque suitable for etching and painting
H2 Plaster Moulds Assorted Rubber and plastic plaster cast moulds. Plaster of Paris not supplied
H3 Waffle and Sandwich Irons Assorted Suitable for use in an open fire or over a gas ring
H4 Plastic Colourweave Assorted Bases available in assorted sizes
H5 Badge Machine 1 Supplied with instructions and badge blanks if required. Please note that if you require badge blanks these are available at 20p per blank
H6 Brasses Assorted Mounted on wood with crayons

Other Equipment

Ref Items Quantity Information
M1 Display Board and Panels Assorted Assorted colours & arrangements – each panels 90cm x 75cm Indoor use only
M2 Signs Assorted For events and Camps e.g. Direction Toilets Danger etc
M3 Plastic Bunting Assorted Multi-coloured
M4 Day Rucsacs 6
M5 Scout Banners 8 Free Standing – Indoor use Only
M6 Peter Storm Cags 10 Suitable for hiking 3 x small 2 x medium 3 x large 2 x Xlarge
M7 Gazebos 5
M8 Peter Storm Over Trousers 11 Suitable for hiking 3 x small 5 x medium 1 x large 2 x Xlarge
M9 High Vis Jackets 21 Sleeveless
M10 Waterproof Over Trousers 65 Not suitable for hiking but ideal for sailing caving assault courses outdoor working 25 x smaller sizes 40 x larger sizes
M11 Adult Ponchos 72
M12 Waterprrof Cags 135 Not suitable for hiking but ideal for sailing caving assault courses outdoor working 75 x smaller sizes 60 x larger sizes