National thanks to West Yorkshire Cubs

_MG_6462This weekend West Yorkshire Cubs helped out at the National Thanks Party, part of the national celebrations for 100 years of Cub Scouting.

Many thanks to the 10 Spen Valley Cub Scouts who made their way down to Gilwell Park last week to help to serve the food at the National Thanks Party.   Sarah, Lily-Mae, Anna, Owen and Will from the 3rd Spen valley joined up with Rose, Evie, Thomas, Zack and Ella from the 7th Spen Valley to represent Cub Scouts from across the country.

Having travelled for four hours, they reached Gilwell just in time to do their job, and what a great job they did, not only serving the food which had been prepared by our very own West Yorkshire Castle Catering team from Huddersfield North, but also engaging in conversation with some of the most influential people in the Cub Scout section over the last 50 years, including Dorothy Kinloch, Gwyn McKenzie and Wayne Bulpitt.

The youngsters were also able to join in with the Cubjam event during the afternoon, joining with several thousand others cubs in a wild west carnival and getting the chance to meet Steve Backshall, Cubs100 ambassador.   They also met ancestors of Vera Barclay, the lady who wrote the first ever Cub Scout Handbook back in 1916.

Many thanks to Lesley Austin, Liz Bentley and Paul Jones for looking after the cubs throughout a long day.   As Lesley says

All 10 Cubs had a fabulous time. Enjoyed every minute. As did Liz,  Paul and myself. To see Cubs running to the statue of BP and hugging it, was great. Talking to Vera Barclay’s family was wonderful.   Cubs were still buzzing when we dropped them off a 12.45 am. A long tiring day but worth every minute.   I have had some wonderful comments from parents who feel the Cubs had a unique experience.

Thanks again for doing your best and showing West Yorkshire Scouting at its best.

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The National Tea Party is part of the Cub100 celebrations marking 100 years of Cub Scouts.

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