Instascout 2019

West Yorkshire County Scouts 2019 Photography Competition

Following the success of our photography competition last year, we are pleased to announce that that ‘Instascout 2019’ – will run from April through to the end of September this year.

12 entries from the 2018 competition were selected to feature in a county calendar which was distributed around Christmas time.   The entries showed a selection of scouting activities from across the county and featured entries from Beaver scouts up to adult leaders.   Each young person who took part in the competition received a photographer’s badge.

January Winner 2018

How do I take part in this year’s photography competition?

The competition theme is simply ‘Scouting in Action’.   The following rules apply

  • The person named as the entrant must have actually taken the photograph
  • Photographs can be enhanced using software but this should have been done by the entrant themselves
  • As West Yorkshire Scouts could use the photographs in their publications in the future, the permission for such use must have been given by any person appearing in a submitted photograph.
  • Photos of anyone undertaking adventurous activities should show individuals following rules as laid out in Scouting’s safety policies.

How do I submit my entries?

From April 2019, the West Yorkshire Scout Web Site will have a link which will enable you to upload your photographs along with supporting information (You may have to reduce the memory size of your photograph to enable it to be uploaded)   This link will remain active until the end of September.   A leader will be able to submit entries on behalf of their members.

Winners for the 2020 calendar will be announced in December and the individuals concerned will be contacted before then.

Making the competition part of your summer programme

The competition is an ideal way to support your weekly section programme.   You could…


Please fill out the form to submit you photo, each photo will be approved before it goes into the gallery.

Photo contest ist over

How to vote

Each picture has a star, to vote you just give it a little click.