Celebrations for WYS on Show

Today, Sunday March 25th, the WYS ON Show 2018 cast gathered together to party and celebrate their achievements.

The show, held back in February at the Victoria theatre in Halifax, entertained around 1700 people over three nights and a matinee.   Amongst the themes of the show was an item commemorating 50 years since the first hear transplant and another celebrating the 20th year since the launch of the International Space Station.   The main theme of the show, however, was ‘friendship’ supporting MIND – the mental health charity.

The show featured a number of items which showed how scouting can offer a positive mind set to young people and help them to remain healthy.   A moving item in the first half mixed ballet and harmony singing to tell the story of a small girl who is bullied and then rescued by being befriended through scouting.   The audience collection from the intervals produced a sum of £868 which members of the cast handed over to Helen Davey from Mind (Bradford) at the end of the party.

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