We’ve got a great programme in store for BIG CAMP 2020:

Try riding the go-kart track, test your driving skills, go on the cyclocross course. Try the pitstop challenge or take part in the field gun race.
Enjoy all things wet including kayaking, zorbing and hot tubs plus the return of the ever popular water slide – the most asked for event from Big Camp 2015!
Come and spend some time in the chill out zones. Try some healthy cookery and get interviewed on Big Camp radio. Check out the selfie stations and charge your phone.
The return of the popular abseil challenge from the nearby Viaduct
Target sports
Visit century city to complete the spider man task, the batman challenge and the superman experience amongst many others.
Experience what it was like to be a Viking Warrior, a Roman Soldier or a Knight in armour. Fire a trebuchet or learn how to sword fight.
Dare you enter the jungle zone where backwoods cooking takes on a whole new meaning.
Take part in a wide range of Olympic sports and see if you can get a gold medal.
Discover what we can do to protect the world we live in – what can we do to make a difference? What is it like to be caught up in a natural disaster?
Pioneering & Zip Line!
Come and see how the Fire, Police and Ambulance services support our communities. Learn some emergency first aid and find out how to use a fire extinguisher.
Come along to join in activities out of this world! Try the antigravity trampolines or design and make your own rocket. Visit the star globe and experience life beyond the solar system.
Make your way round the various climbing challenges from cave ladders to ice walls.
Come and create a wide range of handcrafts
Learn some construction skills – plumbing, brick laying, carpentry. Learn to weld or help us to support our community project making benches
A new concept for Big Camp – a leader’s zone where you can grab a hot drink and a biscuit on the house and join in with the discussions and make some contacts for your programme.

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