Follow the links below to make your big camp booking.

There are two price options for leaders :

  • to donate 1/2 a day to helping programme (with a lower price)
  • or to not donate 1/2 and pay a higher price

If you donate half a day then you will be allocated your slot and area to report to in April 2020.

Bookings have the option to camp with your District (or not) however when a District camping area is full its full and you will be accommodated elsewhere.  If a leader in your group has volunteered separately to be staff (please note this is different to those donating half a day) then you should not include them in your numbers as they will already be registered on the staff list.

Prices are below but £5 deposit per person is due within 14 days of making your booking (otherwise your booking will be cancelled.)  Following the deposit half of the balance is due by 30th September 2019 and the full amount by 31st December 2019.  Bookings after each of these deadlines will need to pay the amount due at the time (ie any bookings after 31st December 2019 will be required to pay the full amount on booking).

Amending bookings – If you have already booked and you wish to amend your numbers then click on the amend my booking link below.  Please only enter the numbers you wish to change and leave every other number blank.  Deposits are non refundable unless you are on the early bird (Booked before 31st March 2019)

We are taking a maximum of 6000 so when its full bookings will close.