Big Necker at a Big Celebration

cub100neckerWhat a great day we had today at Flamingo Land !  

Cub scouts and leaders from the 39th Parkwood (Huddersfield SW) and 15th Cowcliffe (Huddersfield North) represented West Yorkshire at the unveiling of the biggest necker ever !   

Back in January, Cub Scout Packs had been invited to submit two neckers to Wendy Gill, each one bearing the names of the Cub Scouts and leaders who were in their group at the time.   Well, one set of these neckers was sent to Cleveland County and became part of a regional creation which was hung on the pirate’s ship at Flamingo Land! 

Wow – what an impression it made as over 500 Cubs and leaders paraded around the park and then were photographed in front of the giant necker.  

We enjoyed looking around the zoo before assembling together again to remake our Promise with Mark Tarry.  We were then entertained by a fantastic sea lion show.   Thanks to Cleveland for hosting us for the day, now anyone want a rather large necker ?

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