Beavers and Cubs take part in Parliament

Beavers and cubs from 25th Halifax St Marks group opened the doors to their normal colony and pack night by welcoming local figure heads to take part in their uk parliament week programme.

The beavers enjoyed a question and answer session with Conservative councillor Chris Pearson and Prospective councillor Oliver Williams before the cubs took part in a mock up live debate and vote on issues around whether scouts should be for boys only and not allow girls to take part and whether chocolate should be free for everyone.

Tim Swift, Bob Metcalfe, Chris Pearson, Oliver Williams, Revd Linda Maslen and church warden Carol Uswin joined the cubs in a live question and answer session agreeing to allow the cubs to ask any question about their lives, job and inspiration to take up local government activities before splitting into cub packs,  where the cubs were coached on debating skills, speaking in public and working as part of a team listening to others while also learning to work around disagreements.

The event was organised by 25th St Marks cub leader Phil Naylor and beaver leader Joanne Partington supported on the evening by jenny Lyon cub leader from 52nd Christ church group in conjunction with the house of commons outreach and engagement services annual festival which engages young people from across the UK with Parliament, exploring what it means and empowering them to get involved.

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25th Halifax St Marks beavers is open to boys and girls aged 6yrs to 8yrs.

Cubs  are open to boys and girls aged 8yrs to 10 1/2yrs. Both sections have spaces available for anyone wanting to join. Please contact the group here.